2022 MATRC Annual Telehealth Summit: Care Model Redesign – Navigating Digital Transformation

Where Are You On the Risk-Taking Continuum?  Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare innovation was often discussed in the context of a five to ten-year strategic plan. COVID-19 has served as an accelerant to adoption and implementation of digital solutions. Processes that would have taken years under normal circumstances began coming to fruition in a matter of weeks and months. But where do we go from here? For some, keeping up with all the movement toward on-demand healthcare, big data and predictive analytics, remote monitoring and wearable medical devices, artificial intelligence and virtual reality has been exhausting and overwhelming. For others, it is welcomed and exhilarating. Where are you on this continuum? How much do you trust that these disruptions in how we normally do business will actually result in improving patient outcomes, efficiencies and/or creating a better work-life balance? Join us as we explore these and other questions related to care model redesign.  Visit the Event Website for More Information!

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