Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, University of Virginia


    Smartphone – iPhone or Android.
    Computer / laptop.
    ASCVD Risk Estimator Plus app.


The ASCVD risk calculator is for patients at risk for cardiovascular disease. The calculator is used in a number of ways. First, to help to determine goals for intensity of treatment for blood pressure, as well as cholesterol levels in patients. The program takes into account most factors that might influence your decision when treating a patient, given their specific risk scores. The program also provides recommendations for various targets: blood pressure, lipid, to take a moderate or high intensity statin, etc., aiding the clinician in delivering a treatment plan. ASCVD Plus really aids in decision making around managing care of patients.

This program is also a meaningful teaching tool for patients. It allows patients to view their risk scores first hand, and can help push a patient forward in a given recommended plan of treatment. It’s a great tool to use during a visit to help determine treatment, and to help the patient understand their treatment.

The website and smartphpne app are both free.

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