Sue (Campbell) Walters

Director of Telehealth Planning and Development, Delaware Department of Health & Social Services

Gemma E. Lowery, MBA, CATC

CVH Technology Manager of Digital Solutions, Digital Core Command Center

Nichole Moxley

Bureau Chief, Office of Healthcare Provider Resources, Delaware Department of Health & Social Services, Division of Public Health

Board of Health Professions

  • Delaware Scope of Practice Policies
  • Delaware Health Professions Licensing Boards: Delaware has an interstate telehealth registration process/requirement.  Delaware also has several licensure exceptions:  1) telehealth and telemedicine may be practiced  without a health-care provider-patient relationship for episodic consultations with providers, in cases of emergencies, and for certain mental health providers, if the provider registers/applies with the applicable board for approval.

Private Payers

Delaware has both service and payment parity related to telehealth services.

Telehealth Associations/Organizations/Initiatives

  • Delaware Telehealth Coalition (updated website under construction and will be coming soon)