For those involved in health professions education, there have been a number of training resources developed in recent years.

Free Resources

  • National Toolkit for Educators/Faculty. In 2019, under the umbrella of the Advanced Education Nursing Workforce (ANEW) HRSA grant, a group of over 45 nursing faculty from 19 U.S. states plus Canada and 28 universities, met to begin the work of developing a telehealth toolkit with the end goal of providing faculty with content and exemplars needed to integrate telehealth across the curriculum for health professions programs. This toolkit is a culmination of that work across several domains of telehealth.
  • Telehealth Competencies Across the Learning Continuum (2021)There have been many advancements in medical education over the past 20 years, including how outcomes such as competencies are defined and used to guide teaching and learning. To support this positive change, the AAMC launched the New and Emerging Areas in Medicine series. This second report in the series focuses on competencies for telehealth -- the use of technology to deliver health care at a distance. The competencies provide a foundation of support to ensure medical schools and teaching hospitals are providing excellent training to physicians and other clinicians in all forms of telehealth.

Textbooks and Other Resources