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    m-health apps – Lose It (for patient).

    m-health apps – Ascend for Lose It (for provider).


LoseIt is a MHealth app for self-monitoring food, physical activity and weight. A bar scanner helps track packaged foods. Nutritional intake (Calories, Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate) is included in nutritional analysis. Calories expended through exercise and body weight is also provided. Patients can set goals, follow macro-nutrients, track water intake as well. Within the Premium version, patients can also sync health and exercise apps, create groups, use food image recognition software (SnapIt) which allows users to track items by picture vs. writing food item. Ascend for Lose It allows clinicians to view patient tracking information online. The first page provides a visual summary of who is tracking, weight loss/gain/maintain. Clicking onto a secondary page for each patients provides a more detailed look at calories, macronutrient distributions, meal and snack analyses. Providers can use the app to write encouraging or informational messages to their patients. Both can be used on smartphone (iPhone or Android), tablets and/or web.

This was useful in my clinical practice as a dietitian because it provided one platform where I could view all of my patients food intake. It summarized the data for a quick and easy summary and it allowed me to provide feedback on their food records which increased engagement between provider and patient in-between sessions.

How to use Lose It app: Have patients download the Lose It app on their smartphone. Or, log intake on website at Patients can sign up for Basic account which is free but contains ads or buy the Premium version for $39.99/year. All versions of Lose It connect to Ascend for Lose It.

Professionals, go to Ascend website and sign up for free account at Through email, invite the participants/patients you want to self-monitor. Separately, ask them to sign up for their account at:

Research on importance of tracking food intake for weight loss

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