Christian Milaster

Position: CEO, Ingenium Digital Health Advisors

Christian Milaster is passionate about enabling the delivery of extraordinary care. He relentlessly advocates for bringing satisfaction to the medical profession by applying systems thinking and implementing systems engineering solutions. Rooted in German engineering, Christian designs and implements pragmatic improvement and optimization solutions, drawing from a wide range of disciplines, including design thinking, agile, Lean, Baldrige, requirements engineering, servant project management, and others. Christian is the CEO of Ingenium Digital Health Advisors, a boutique advisory and consulting firm focused on leveraging Digital Health to enable the delivery of extraordinary care. Ingenium comprises a 6-person consulting team and a consortium of over a dozen expert advisors. Born, raised, and educated as an engineer in Germany, Christian started his career at IBM Global Services before joining the Mayo Clinic in 2000, where he worked for 12 years in various roles before launching Ingenium. He resides near Annapolis, Maryland with his wife and two pre-teenage daughters. “The problem in healthcare is not the lack of innovation. The problem is the lack of innovation adoption.”