Samuel Collins

Position: Research Program Director, Division of Outreach, Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences, University of Virginia

Samuel Collins, DrPH, MSc is a research director within the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences. He leads the Project ECHO initiative at UVA, with a focus on provider and community education related to substance abuse, mental health, and other clinical topics. His work involves intervention and education design based on public health trends and clinical epidemiology. His time at UVA has included working with UVA Telehealth, Clinical Informatics, and the Department of Medicine. His areas of focus are inter-professional communications, asynchronous care delivery, and clinical workflow innovation through provider engagement and increasing access. Other areas of research interests include military medicine, emergency response and management, and culturally driven approaches to public health intervention

Areas of Expertise

    • Business Models
    • Grant Writing
    • Program Evaluation
    • Program Operations
    • Public Policy
    • Reimbursement, Billing and/or Coding
    • Strategic Planning/Program Development
    • Technology
    • USAC Rural Health Care Program
Telehealth Services
    • Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
    • Dermatology
    • e-Consults
    • Primary Care
    • Project ECHO
    • Remote Monitoring
Telehealth Settings
    • FQHCs
    • Home/Direct to Consumer
    • Hospitals/Health Systems
    • International/Global
    • Occupational/Workplace
    • Rural/Underserved Populations or Areas

Just for Fun

  • Favorite Sport and Sports Team:  Hibernian FC
  • What Is the Nerdiest Thing You Do In Your Spare Time?  Latin
  • What is the Most Useless Talent That You Have?  It wouldn’t be useless if it was a talent
  • At Which Store Would You Like to Max Out Your Credit Card?  I wouldn’t do this