Our Partners

Each year MATRC contracts with a network of Consultative Service Partners to provide greater depth to the services provided by MATRC Staff.  Areas of expertise include topics like industrial/occupational telehealth, remote home monitoring, school telehealth,  correctional telehealth, and much more.


What Can We Expect from Your Consultative Service Partners?

All of our Consultative Service Partners are available to provide Tier 1 Technical Assistance via phone, videoconference, email, in-person meeting, presentation and/or site visit/tour to those residing in the MATRC region.  MATRC places a priority on providing technical assistance at no cost to HRSA grantees interested in establishing or expanding a telehealth program. This includes, but is not limited to  Federally Qualified Health Centers, and the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy/Office for the Advancement of Telehealth program grantees.  For non-HRSA grantees in the MATRC region, we are able to offer approximately 10 hours of services per client per year at no cost.

Tier 1 Technical Assistance includes:

  • Providing program overviews
  • Answering general questions about:
    • program structure
    • program model
    • program funding
    • lessons learned
  • Making available to you non-proprietary (generic and publicly available) program materials

All of our Consultative Service Partners have agreed to provide Tier 2 Technical Assistance via direct contract at a discounted rate of $70 per hour for those residing in the MATRC region.

Tier 2 Technical Assistance includes:

  • Assignment of a point person
  • Sharing of protocols, sample contracts and other proprietary program materials
  • Providing in-depth program development assistance to include things like workflow analyses, customizing of protocols, assistance with grant writing/resource development and staff training

Who Are Your Consultative Service Partners?

Click here for a profile of our Consultative Service Partners for the 2018-2019 Year.


How Do I Request Technical Assistance from a Consultative Service Partner?

Please submit your Technical Assistance Request using our online form.  If you know specifically which Consultative Service Partner(s) you would like to receive services from, you may specify this on the form.  Otherwise, one will be assigned to you as needed.