How Do I Know If It Works?

Perhaps you are thinking about starting a telehealth program and need to be convinced (or to convince others) that there is an evidence base for the use of telehealth in providing care.  Or perhaps you have an existing telehealth program and need to find a way to evaluate the program in order to improve on it and/or convince funders to continue funding it.  Here you will find a compilation of resources to assist you with these tasks.

Program Evaluation
Program evaluation is a systematic method for collecting, analyzing, and using data to answer questions about the effectiveness and efficiency of programs.  Funders want to know if the programs they are funding are actually having the intended effect.  Here you will find information on how to evaluate telehealth programs, technology, and applications.

Telehealth Efficacy, Efficiency and Evidence Base
Program administrators what to know how their programs could be improved, whether the program is worthwhile, and whether there are better alternatives.  Here you will find evaluation results (process, outcome and impact) for different telehealth applications, as well as links to more comprehensive bibliographies pertaining to the evidence base for telehealth.